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I am available for hire for talks and demonstrations in various styles of carving. All my classes are fully insured and can run from one hour to a full day.  I specialise in talks to children and young adults and outdoor classes.

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Carving Information

The basic fee for a day chainsaw carving demonstration is £375  Extra may be charged to cover travel and accommodation if the demonstration involves a long trip necessitating travel and overnight stays.

This basic charge allows for up to 4hrs of carving time, which would amount to one large sculpture or 3 smaller sculptures depending on the size and quantity of wood available. As a very general guide, one large sculpture can be created from a log 5-6ft in length by about 24" to 36 " diameter within the one-day period, depending on degree of detail.

Wood  Carving 

The client is generally responsible for supplying the timber, which can be bent, knotty timber rejected by a local sawmill  or windfall timber on site or located to site for carving. 

 If I do hit any nails or steel this will slow my carving process down and may even end the session in extreme circumstances. The client will be responsible for such stoppages and will be charged for the time. I always carry out a metal detector check  on timber prior to carving and advise the client to to do so  before carving begins.

If the client cannot source timber then it can be brought by my business and charged for at the market rate (payment to be made as part of the booking of event. 

(Please indicate if you need me to order timber for your event).

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