Oak burl from Wirral, Liverpool - 2016

The role of the carver is to allow the wood to talk, this sculpture is showing it history over 150 years of growth to reach this point. literally your are looking at a slice of life in a tree. 

The Holmfirth "Beech Tree" Tree Rings
The series of tree ring sculptures celebrating the life of one tree from a small town in Yorkshire called "Holmfirth"  I found the tree laying in a farmyard it was about to be cut up for fire wood. Then I look over the gate and begin asking to buy the wood log as it was hollow inside.  The work for stabilising hollow forms is complex and risky due to the internal structure no longer being present. After two years of careful prep I began to sculpt the tree rings.  Firstly cutting the logs into slices 16 where created in total (4 rings did not survive the next stage). The final series was turned in to various items from coffee tables to wall sculptures as you can see below the tree released itself and allowed to create a series of amazing sculptures. "Celebrating the life of the tree" is a job I contniue to explore every day I work or talk a walk in woodland.

The  Spalted Beech Holey Bowl

Created from one slice of what was seen waste wood from a large slice of driftwood being used to make a "Memorial coffee table" Hidden inside the slice was this amazing spalted beech bowl,  The hole in the base was due to the wood being more delicate and decayed in this area but the outcome of the work was well worth it.  The hole was  cast with resin to give a clear glass effect. 

Size: Length -88 cm W- 45 cm Depth - 14 cm