In 2017 I began a new theme in my work using French Oak to create a series of 30 cubes sculptures.  The aim of the work was to re-evaluate my path as a artist. Dig a little deeper into what drives my work. After early discussions with land artist Richard Shilling and a possible collaborating on a joint piece of work in Land art and wood sculpture.   The path for the my personal work became clearer and the journey for the project took shape.
Each Oak cube weighed 25 kilos and measured 30-30-30 cm the number Three and the shape of a cube plays a continuous role in my work. As a Buddhist the are certain parts of my daily practice that I continuously process, this is mostly done in a natural surrounding for me and for this year that location was the moors of Skipton and beyond.  Never has the environment affected my work so dramatically than living here

You can read the full story of this series of sculptures here

The Oak Cubes series One

The Oak cubes were designed to be functional seats, side tables for various rooms in a home or office. They are practical to move around being based on small castor wheels. Imagine mobile art in your home brings a set of tables together to make a large lounge table or seating area.

The experince of crafting the oak, finding the materials to use in the castings was a journey in its self. working with one of Yorkshire best wood suppliers made the whole experince manageble.

New Commissions for new cubes can still be made by using my contact page or via my shop