The Tree Ring Hearts Sculptures

As I am scrolling through my Archive of works this weeks here is todays share. The Heart Mirrors carved from a hollowed out tree from the famous town of Last of the summer wine. Holmfirth in Yorkshire.The tree was due to be chopped and burned, as I heard a chainsaw in the distance on a walk I made a friendly hello to the tree surgeon and asked what the plan was with the huge metre wide tree trunk. He said “its fire wood unless someone saves it!!”Well one conversation later with the owner.We agreed on a price for the 4 metres of the trunk. I returned the next day to collect as onlookers cast a keen eye on my work.

Two years later the wood was ready to work and  I began by creating the “Tree Ring series hearts and mirrors”. The sculptures went on to a  series of exhibitions in Liverpool, Warrington and Preston. The total series of tree rings was 12 in total. A great period of work developing new carving skills and using the Kirjes sanding system that gave my work a new level of finish.


What I enjoyed about the period is the understanding of patience  needed when stabilising wood when cut as a slice across the tree, they are very delicate and ensuring they do not crack or split is where the skills in the work sit. Sometimes it what occurs before the finished carving is shown that matters more than the final piece of work.

Brad Quarless.

A big thank you to Paul Langley for his photography skills and capturing the true grain of the tree in this series of sculptures.