Oak Slab - The July Project arrives at the workshop.


Today new find... an ancient oak slab measuring a more than a metre in width and 7 cm depth. She fully seasoned and yet to be weighed but I putting her over the 200lbs (130 Kilos) mark.

The tree had been felled after storm damage a number of years ago in Vienne (86) France, she was gifted to me from a person who wanted the wood to be brought back to life. 

The 1st stage of the process is the check the wood treat it as a precation with wood worm treatment before it comes into my space. and then assess and photograpy.   I am not the carver who jumps straight in and begings to hack away or process the wood. I like to let it rest and keep a eye of the wood turning it getting to know it lines and history.   

Then I can think about the outcome...what will be it lounge table. dinning table. river table? this is why the resting is as important as the carving. 

So as will all my projects you can watch the process see how the wood changes from Day 1 to completion. the intail ideas leave a stamp in my mind note the themes and make sketches. then I can see how I change with the wood.


Thanks for reading