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Artist Statement

My sculptures reflect a strong relationship between “three keys” of my work: Wood, Environment & Time

Artist Statement

Brad with Yew table


What drives me is the process of seeing inside the wood and its hidden shapes. In the swirls and grain is evidence of the life of the tree.

I collect wood around the seasons, trees washed up on beaches, roots that have invaded a wall, naturally felled timber. Wherever there is wood there is life and an opportunity for me to sculpt my work.

Once the wood is found and reclaimed the preparation begins, drying can take from one to five years and is a critical chapter in the creation process before I can begin to sculpt and to carve.

Each tree is a unique entity, it has a personality and a set of growing traits, my job is to understand that history and work with it.

My work begs to be explored and touched by the viewer. Whether it is a sculpture, furniture or small abstract forms. 

Each piece is unique and reveals its history and memory through the natural shapes and grain. My mission is to fuse together a union of its life and its journey afterwards.

Each piece I create is a personal journey, never being sure of exactly what I am going to create or how it may change me or my working practice.

Impermanence and the forces of nature drive my work, the most important aspect being the effect of water. It has played a constant role in my travels around the world and how I find the wood I work with. 

I am always mindful of my place in nature, not external to it but an active participant within the environment.  Being aware of the interconnection of all things has always had a profound effect on my connection with trees and the energy held within them.

Brad Quarless

Quarless Philosophy

I am always developing a broader understanding of the impact of deforestation and the impacts on those that are affected by it on a daily basis. As a conscious furniture maker my role is not only to create to but to give back to the land. To respect the value of each tree that is grown. Following a few simple rules we can all sustain our love of wood if we give back and respect that a tree is a scared plant.

To use naturally fallen timber often called windfall, or Driftwood in my work.

To continuously support re-plantation of forest by supporting seed planting schemes

To support locally schemes for forest management and education of the public into ethically  bespoke furniture purchases.

To use Ethically managed wood from Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™), which show that a product has come from a sustainably managed source.



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Jane Memory driftwood table  2015

Jane ~ Memory driftwood table  2015

My partner and I met Brad at a craft fair and found an amazing dragon sculpture he had found in a river in north wales, as my partner is from the area I bought it for him for his Christmas present. We decided that another wall sculpture would be ideal so we ordered one and collected it a few weeks later.

Whilst chatting to Brad I mentioned I was looking for a coffee table and would love a statement piece but was struggling to find anything.  Brad took us to have a look in his workshop and he had an incredible lump of wood that was full of character and the most wonderful shape and grain, although very rough Brad explained how he could develop the piece and use resin in a recess.

I sadly had lost my dad a few months earlier and was struggling to know what to do with his ashes and during our chat it became clear we could incorporate the ashes within the resin and turn the wood into a beautiful memory table.

It was wonderful being able to work along side Brad and include ideas from my daughter and partner to be able to have a bespoke one off sculpture that would become a family heirloom as well as a practical and stunning piece of furniture.

The process Brad had to go through was at times challenging, but his sensitivity, dedication  and understanding won through and its resulted in my family having a unique, beautiful memory table and the envy of everyone who sees it !!!

It was incredible to be able to be involved and I learned so much from Brad who really has an infinity and passion with the wood he works with….. A huge thank you from us all Brad, incredible talented woodworker and sculptor. A very happy customer indeed.



Our  large order of "Sherwood forest Oak" V.W plates are amazing quality and beautiful!  Thanks Kate


Debbie Burnell  28 April 2017

Ordered my bespoke heart cheeseboard as a gift, arrived very quickly and well packaged. The wood is stunning and so beautifully made. The perfect gift. Thank you

Jade Cawdeary  11 MARCH 2016                    Love love love our cheese board, it's perfect and gets so many compliments when we have friends over. Thank you so much 


Peter Anderson 19 August 2016                   

I bought 3 cheese boards, 2 for presents and one for ourselves. We bought one as an engagement present for my nephew                                                                              and his girl friend stated that it was not only a cheese board, but a chopping board as well as an "Object D' Art." she's                                                                                          obliviously too classy for my nephew. Secondly, after seeing the board I bought for the engagement my wife suggested I get her a board as a wedding anniversary present. As for the third, that's for a birthday present in September. We'll let you know how that was received but we know it'll go down well. Thanks Brad for some really original, unique and value for money presents. You made me look as if I had good taste.

Maura Heaphy Dutton reviewed  Brad Quarless – 5 star

2 September 2016 · 

We were looking for something very special for my husband's brother and his wife, for their Golden Wedding Anniversary -- and we found it, through FishDesigns, and Brad's craftmanship. After consultation with Brad about how it would be used, and what exactly they might like, he adapted and personalized it, and we have a unique gift for them: a beautiful cheese board and serving platter in Black Walnut -- a genuine heirloom that I know they will enjoy.

Catherine Titherington reviewed  – 5 star

12 April 2016 · 

I initially saw some of Brad's work on the @CrostonNews website following the recent flood. Having an appreciation of fine art and sculpture I thought I could put Brads talents to use on an old tree stump in our garden. The brief was open "give the stump a second life, let the tree speak and create something quite abstract" When the weather improved Brad got to work and spent a few days exploring what was beneath the bark. He carefully used his carving skills to bring out the beauty in the wood and reveal its hidden depths resulting in "Balancing Act" our new garden feature, Thanks Brad much appreciated. I look forward to seeing your new creations

Martin James Chaplin reviewed  – 5 star

19 August 2016 · 

Great oak cheese board, top quality & design, a great centre piece for our family meals.

Kate Pimlott revieweds – 5 star

16 September 2016 · 

Bought a chopping board from Brad a year ago and it's still in tip top condition! Each piece is unique and customer service is second to none.

David Myall reviewed – 5 star

13 January · 

Received my board today. Love it great size will use again in the future


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